Your solution partner in the heat treatment industry...


IFPA Furnace, ferrous and non ferrous metal industry, according to customer needs has been serving manufacturing and process control systems heat treatment furnaces. 16 years of experience in heat treatment, to talk the same language to provide our customers and their demands in today's circumstances, economic, innovative, technological and process allows us to realize the production of heat treatment furnaces. Our company not only in manufacturing and service, but also work to increase our customers' products and the efficiency of processes for the thermal process also provides training and consulting services.


Production to sales, customer relationships, market expectations, technological developments in the industry to the side of researchers, developers of innovative manufacturing sector management policy to be the locomotive of industrial furnaces

In line with market demands consistent, high quality production and become a symbol of trust and branding for this purpose

With each passing day to contribute to regional and national economy by creating employment has gained a vision.


In our age of technology is progressing very fast in order to meet the changing and increasing customer demands by making R & D and continuous development work to produce the desired quality and standards,

Human and produce environmentally friendly products,

Sales and after-sales technical consulting services also doing well always be there for our customers,

Different and innovative product offerings to respond to the needs of our country before and then sought other European or Asian countries, its mission is to be the supplier of industrial furnaces manufacturing.